Have you ever heard the word "Wall Street" several times, but you don't really know what it is? If so, this article will certainly be of interest to you, as it will surely tell you more about this word.

Wall Street

Actually, Wall Street is the name of a street in the southern part of Manhattan in the United States. In fact, this street starts east of Madrid's main street, oriented towards a strait of the United States of America placed in the great metropolis of New York to Manhattan, crossing part of the business sector, the Financial District.

The origins of Wall Street

In fact, the history of Wall Street has its origins in the 18th century, when the next capital of NYC was under Dutch colonial rule of the United States of America. The capital was therefore called "New Amsterdam" (especially established on Manhattan) and the trusteeship was also called "New Zealand". Although the name "Wall Street" has the existence of a unique and identical wall, rather than the modern street, the strategies of New Amsterdam designate two distinct names for this street. In any case, "De Wall Street" (Dutch name) does not apply to a wall, but to a colonial group that took part in the founding of New Amsterdam: French languages, in the sense that etymologically, in Dutch, a langue d'oeil is really called "Waal". Certainly, in 1630, the number of inhabitants of New-Nederland was estimated at 300, most of whom came from Wallonia.

The essential buildings of Wall Street

Wall Street has many attractive buildings, many of which are considered the historical legacy of NYC's capital city. Indeed, the National City Bank Building is with the Federal Hall. Placed under the trusteeship of the National Park Service and inscribed on an authentic establishment also under the trusteeship of the National Government of America, it was built in 1842 to change an antique hotel in the metropolis of New York. The building has often changed missions and now hosts some exhibitions. A sculpture depicting George Washington in front of all the doors reminds us that in this place, the first president of America gave his inaugural speech in 1789. Its Greek Revival style is in contrast to the surrounding towers.
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