The objective behind the distribution of promotional items is to draw the attention of the masses to your product or service and encourage them to take a fair trial. Achieving this with traditional advertising is not only expensive but also cannot guarantee the outcome that you would want. You can use road shows, social service programs or fund gathering events to hand over free giveaways with your logo neatly imprinted on them. This along with your contact details will enable interested and potential customers to get in touch with you when they wish to purchase any product that is similar to your company products. You need to distribute promotional items of high quality to convey the fact that you believe in quality and the products of your company will also stand the test of quality. Once the customer tries out your product and is satisfied, you need to press home the advantage by rendering him excellent after sales service and more gifts on a regular basis. This is as far as new customers are concerned. You need to take care of your existing customers and reward them for their loyalty by distributing products, preferably of their choice so that they do not ever think of competition. It is a well known fact that retention of existing customers is far more profitable and it is your utmost responsibility to make sure that they do not desert you. One advantage you have is that you can purchase in bulk and avail of the best prices and discounts. This brings down your investment and reduces the cost per unit substantially. You can surf the internet to select companies that offer such products and they would be able to give you a good deal. So, this way you can purchase some of the popular items like key rings, coasters, mugs and caps in high numbers at decent rates and use them for distribution at exhibitions, trade fairs and social service events. The discounts are linked to the items you buy and some of the premium items may not qualify for a discount as high as the one on the common items, but you would still benefit to some extent. Promotional items assist you in earning the goodwill of your customers and that is very important for the long term sustenance of your business. Handing over high quality products as gifts reinforces the confidence of your customer in your brand and wins you their loyalty. You will also benefit from good references that you will get through such customers and that will add to your profitability. Lottie Carrot works in the promotional items industry for Argon Promotions, the leading company in terms of innovative business gift ideas. Lottie works closely with businesses to help market their products and services by providing information and help in the selection of suitable promotional items for their advertising campaigns.