There are so many people around the globe who have the same dream to get rich as soon as possible and the stock market is one such place which makes the peoples dream come true in the very less period of time as compared to the other conventional trades and business in which the success is there but not so fast. As the people see the trade market as the Hen which lays a golden egg every day but it can be worse for some people also as they can take your all earnings away from you and make you bank corrupt. Thus before a person starts trading he should have the proper and perfect knowledge about the Stock Trading Basics so that when you want to invest in the stocks at least you know that what you are looking for and should can earn profit and don’t have to face loss. The first and foremost thing that a person should know that there are various online brokers with whom you can open your stock trading portfolio and they manage your stock for you and they appoint some broker for you who will guide you what stock to buy and what not to but these brokers are very expensive as they charge high commission for themselves thus you can open your account with any bank and you can do your trading yourself without having to give high commissions and also you can make your own portfolio and also it is very easy and simple to do online trading by sitting at your own homes and these people will place your purchase order online only. The other basic thing which the person should know is that how to do trading off stocks and also the person will have to learn that how the buying and selling of the stocks is done in the market as millions of shares are bought and sold everyday and he will have to learn to see the details of these transactions and have the knowledge that when a new company is going to make new shares in the market or some old company is making or giving allotments of there shares to the new people to buy thus the knowledge all such basic things is necessary and this can be had by doing some online courses of stock trading. Thus the beginners should always play safe and buy only those shares which will give them profit and have there strategies planned fully.