Mostly traded currency pairs in Asian session include American Dollar and Japanese Yen, European Dollar and Japanese Yen, and European Dollar and US Dollar. Japanese Yen is among the top of the lists in Asian currencies, since it is an extremely large driving force of the overall world’s economy One thing needs to be mentioned about the Asian Forex trading is that it moves a bit slowly throughout the day or month as compared to other sessions of Europe and US. Economies and trading of Europe and US are most fast and stabilized in contrast with Asian economies and hence currencies. But the other side of the coin is an opportunity for the traders to experience more stabilized and less changing currency levels and letting them concrete their decision. Currency pairs are being added in the list of trades in different countries. For example China has soon released eight new currency pairs to be traded. This not only increases the opportunities and profit gain but also is a growth and developing measure to any economy. Anyways, a big scale forex business or company trades in all three session to make a more reliable, effective and profit yielding portfolio. This is because European and US session give a more profitable business than Asian session. But still, there are individuals and organizations only dealing on a large enough scale in Asian session that they do not enter in the other two sessions. This is because, economies like China and Japan contributing a lot in the Asian session.