When you understand how beginning investing in the stock market can make you richer and let your money work for you works, you can start making passive income. No matter what the amount of money is you invest in the stock market, it is almost always more profitable than if you would put it in a savings account. However, this is not true for most of the people who invest in the stock market since they barely have the knowledge about how to invest wisely and how to avoid common pitfalls. From personal experience I know that most of the people who read this will procrastinate and never take action. They will find the returns of the stock market too good to be true and won’t believe that an investment in the stock market will yield higher returns than a savings account. Another reason why most people will never make substantial extra money is because they are too scared to invest and/or still don’t understand how to invest properly. I can relate to this phenomenon; I have also procrastinated a long time before taking action and could have made tens of thousands of dollars more if I had started earlier! To prevent you from following the same as I did, I want to introduce you how to find the greatest stock market products to maximize your profits and minimize your risks. These products should be able to accomplish the following points: - Tested for Stock Market Scams: I’m very wary of stock market products since a lot of these products are scams. However, some products are thoroughly tested and made people attain a vast profit and taught them valuable lessons and tips. There are an enormous amount of products about the stock market and at least 95% of them are useless, this comes from personal experience. - High Return on Investment: These are not products which will give you only 1-2% profit on your investment. Every product helped you to earn at least a 15% return. This may not seem much but you have to remember that most people who invest in the stock market get a loss or earn substantially less than 5%. - Invest more securely: If spending 100 dollar to help you earn several thousands of dollars in the future and minimize the risk of your investment sounds too much of a hassle, you must be either an incredibly experienced investor or daring to take a huge risk. Most people don’t belong in these categories and especially not when they start beginning investing. Think about stock market products wisely and invest more securely.