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It would not be an exaggeration to say that stock market is a money multiplier market. Investment in other markets gives returns in due course of time. But here the investment gives very fast returns and also very promising returns. In fact there is hardly any investment which generates money at such a fast pace. This market can actually be termed as a speculative market because of the risk element prevailing in this market. Although the risk element cannot be averted but still one can earn high dividends in favorable cases .Actually the high dividends linked are the rewards for bearing the risk element. Here profit can be termed as an award for bearing risk. This market is termed as unpredictable market although the normal trend of the market doesn’t changes so abruptly but any thing can happen at the last minute. So the interested investors in this market should wisely move in this market. That calls for acquiring knowledge about the market by going through newspapers, journals, TV news, and so on. This will enable them to have an idea of the market trends. This will also boost their confidence in investing their precious money in this market. And this will enable them to take a wise decision. But this is the initial step. To go farther they have to supplement their theoretical knowledge with practical knowledge of the broker. He is the person who has full knowledge about the market. He would guide you in the right direction through his practical vision of the market. He is fully aware of the day-to-day activities of stock market and has knowledge of the market trend. His advice would place you on the safer side. You can completely rely on him. You would then be able to invest in the right company and enjoy high dividends. Now this person called broker maintains an updated record of the market fluctuations on a daily basis. He charges a nominal fee as a commission for giving his valuable advice. His role is not limited to this, but acts as a mediator between the investors and the companies. He also helps in selling of the shares of the share holders in case they are interested. So he promotes buying of companies shares and also selling of the shares of various share-holders in case they are interested. His valuable opinion of the market trend of shares of various companies would help you to make right investment decisions. He would show you with the clear picture of the market and then with this view of the market, you can decide the amount and the company in whose shares you would like to invest to draw high dividends. You can then earn a high dividend throughout. It seems that the market would be incomplete without his physical and mental presence.
Basics of the Stock Market For Beginning Investors
Basics Of Stock Trading

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