Pagers: A Win-Win Device for Restaurateurs and Customers

Most people have probably either heard about restaurant pagers or already used one. These paging devices, in most progressed areas, are common to establishments as an addition to quality customer service given by restaurants. With this technology, restaurateurs are able to provide convenience. A restaurant pager is a small, box-type device that is given to customers in queue. There are times when a place cannot accommodate all customers at once, so they are asked to wait. But with a pager in hand, a customer can do other things while waiting, such as look around the restaurant, go out for a smoke or even take a stroll in places within the range of the device. Once the pager beeps, alarms or vibrates, this means that the table for that certain customer is now set. Instead of restaurant staff signaling you to come over the restaurant or calling your name aloud (which appears rather inconvenient to some), they can skip all that and just set off the pager once the table is set. Without these pagers, waiters or hosts/hostesses also face such inconvenience of searching for the particular listed customer once the table is ready, which uses up too much time and energy. Restaurant pagers do not only save time for the restaurant crew. These devices also let you, as a customer, be at your utmost convenience even while waiting to be seated. Apart from the food, ambiance and service that a restaurant offers, the value for customers for their overall satisfaction is also a factor in maintaining a good restaurant reputation. A good dining establishment never lets you feel that you are just another name on the waiting list, and neither should it give you so-so treatment. Instead, it should put your satisfaction on top of its list. These paging devices are a great investment for every restaurant, whether big or small, old or new. These pagers also give a more dynamic appeal to the restaurant. As a customer, you are likely to come back to a certain establishment that uses pagers, not just because of the convenience you get but also the “high tech” experience you obtain. It is important for you, as a customer, to be valued not only because of the cost you pay for dining in but because you are the main reason why dining establishments operate in the first place. This is the reason why restaurant pagers provide a win-win solution for restaurateurs and their customers.
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