The most common mistake that people make is they rush in to investment arena with out having proper basic investing education. This reduces their chances to win investment to a great extent. There are various ways of learning available in the market. Online investing education is the most impressive way. It is a kind of self learning. It is very useful to the workers who work through out the day. There are many websites over the internet, which provide this type of quality education. Some give it for free and some others give it for a very affordable price. The other available ways available are through self learning by reading newspapers and watching television channels. The easiest way possible is to go to a financial consultant with vast expertise and intellect and get advices from him or her. Investing education gives you to gain the insight required to see what you can normally don’t and help you to get the precise decision making ability. The next and most important stage is to set up your priorities. You have to see where your interests and needs lie. You have to decide whether you would like to make a short term investment or to go for a long term investment. You have to choose between the traditional type of investment and the less traditional ones. It would be wiser to choose the less traditional type of investments like real estate, stocks, gold, Roth IRA’s etc to have a good chance to win investment. You might also look to invest in business. Diversification is the key to win investment. Sticking with one type of investment may be quite risky at times. The logic is to investing in as many ways as possible, even if you lose money in some you can still recover quickly with the other ones. For example if you want to invest a huge sum of money in small businesses then it is advisable to invest small amounts in many businesses. If you are going with stocks then its advisable to invest in growth stocks, penny stocks, high yielding dividend stocks etc. This increases your scope to achieve profits. When stocks and real estate and other businesses are down then you can look to invest in gold. Gold prices always seem to raise high in the recent years. Gold is a very stable commodity. Continuous learning helps to design various strategies for different market scenarios in order to win investment. Most successful investors never stop learning even after gaining so much expertise. There is a definitive need to update your self in today’s volatile markets. So planning carefully and mastering all the above mentioned stages will help you win investment quite easily.