If you have begun to think about how nice it would be to ensure a comfortable retirement or how important it is that you have the means to send your doctor-in-the-making to medical school, you are probably going to want to turn to professionals for advice on how to invest your money. To that end, here is a list of the top investment companies: investment newsNorthwestern Mutual: Northwestern Mutual has been named one of the best companies to sell for. It makes sense that happy financial advisors are going to be better financial advisors. ING: ING offers various investment strategies for the conservative, moderate, and high-risk investors. Their most famous product right now is probably the Orange CD. Schwab: Schwab offers multitudes of products and claims to make investing easier for you. Fidelity.com: Fidelity allows online investing opportunities. You can choose from mutual funds, trading, retirement plans, insurance options, and more. Scottrade: Scottrade is an online broker that promises the ability to trade online for as little as seven dollars. Investment Centers of America: Investment Centers of America offers financial advisors all over the country. Regardless of whether you choose to do your investing through an online broker or a traditional broker, or whether you prefer a national company or a local advisor, one thing is certain. It makes good sense to invest. It also makes good sense to invest in a way that is comfortable for you. Some people are never going to be thrilled with the idea of high-risk ventures, so it is important that your investment advisor understand your needs and comfort levels. Some people are going to be bored by putting their money away in a CD and never seeing it grow much. Again, this is something your perfect broker will understand. Whether you have one major life goal or several things you need to plan for, a wise investor will be able to help you reach those goals. You and your investment company should be able to work together well, and you should never just hand over your investment portfolio completely into the hands of another. You should at least have a basic understanding of what your investment company is doing with your funds. The above list of the top investment companies is by no means all-inclusive, but if you are unsure where to begin your investing process, you can always turn to the larger companies for information, to compare products, to learn about investment options and jargon, and so on. Then, whether you decide to use the services of a national company or choose to use the local banker, you will feel confident and at peace with your financial decisions.