Real estate investing means purchase, ownership, management or rental/sale of real estate for profit. Many people find it difficult to invest. It requires a lot of cash. Are you interested in becoming a real estate investor? To become a successful investor you should be determined and flexible. There are a few tips that will help the prospective buyer to become a successful investor. A investor should decide whether his investment goals are long term or short term. As the investor keeps paying the mortgage amount, his dues becomes less and his equity in the property increases which adds to the overall net worth. If an investor does a real estate investment for short term he can earn a decent profit. For example: If you have purchased a property for nearly $ 50,000 which needs some repair work to be done which costs nearly $ 10,000 and the selling costs total $ 5,000. Then the total cost would be $ 65,000. You sell the property for $ 85,000 after 6 months of purchase. You may have gained a net profit of nearly $ 20,000. Good location also plays an important part while investing in a property. When you plan to buy or rent a property, the first thing that comes to mind is this is a place where someone is going to live. You can improve the property but can’t move the location. Try to choose a property in busy towns or cities rather than choosing in a country. There are more people in towns so there will be more demand for your property. If you find foreclosure property or HUD repossessions then you get a good amount of profit from the property. If you want to find good places for bargains, take a look at local newspapers, courthouses and real estate investor websites that will enlist all types of properties. Before selecting a property, check whether the surrounding areas are well maintained. If the neighborhood is run down or there are many boarded up houses, it may not be a good bargain after all. Take time to study the property. Take your time to become familiar with the property. Do a thorough analysis of the real estate before telling “yes”. If you find certain complications in the property then it would be better to say “no”. Sharpen your negotiation skills. Find out terms that are used by agents and sellers. This will help you in knowing what the other person is telling and not get confused. An investor should have negotiation skills. If you follow this real estate investment tips while looking for a property you will be able to achieve your goal of increase in net worth and generate a positive cash flow.