Emini Futures Trading Signals

All traders search for the hidden chart pattern or new oscillator that will revolutionize their trading and put stacks of money in their pocket. Of course, we know that there is no undiscovered trading system out there that assures a day trader 100% accuracy. Yet many traders search for the Holy Grail of day trading that will ease the burden of making decisions as to which trade is appropriate and which trade is the loser or winner. There are, however, many tools that traders fail to implement into their trading methodology. One of the simplest methodologies, especially when verifying potential trade opportunities from a single source, is to compare the readings on a given oscillator to the readings on a board or as corollary oscillator and/or moving average. When dealing with non-paired investment products, it is important to understand and recognize that your backup oscillator, or filtering device, is in complete agreement with your primary trade indicator. Any deviation between the two oscillators or moving averages would indicate some ambiguity in a potential trade. For me, when to trading oscillators are in disagreement I find myself in a position to pass on the trade. They are, quite simply, a red flag of danger when considering the trade. I would also point out that despite nonconvergent, or divergent indicators can still results in a very profitable trade. However, experience has taught me that divergent indication on a given trade is a bright red warning signal. In the process of risk assessment for a given trade, this convergence and divergence should be of paramount importance; it is, however, a green light to trade when convergent buying/selling signals are observed. All trades must be considered in relation to what is happening in the overall market. Quite simply, like all things trading, it’s important to understand where you are on a given chart and not try to buck the trend the market is in the process of developing. It’s not a difficult technique to master, but finding two oscillators who complement each other in this manner takes time and experimentation. Further, different e-mini contracts may, in fact, require the implementation of separate oscillators to accomplish your goal. A simple Google search will provide a daily trader with a plethora of potential complementary trading indicators that will meet our criteria. Just the same, I feel it is important to point out that I seldom trading against the trend, especially when using pure oscillator movement to determine my trade. The notion of agreement between oscillators might best be described as convergent indicators, which is to say that both indicators you are utilizing are in agreement on the potential outcome of a trade. By the same token, trades which show oscillators moving in different directions is considered a divergent signal. I avoid all divergence signals as indicating a potential trade may not be strong and generally avoid the trade. So when day trading the e-mini contracts, I pay particular attention to divergent and time urgent signals in the indicators that I am using. There are of course, multiple uses and implementations of this particular technique, and they are among the most useful to utilize in potential trade evaluation. unified system up to trade. important tools. Identifying potential convergent and divergent trading signals is at the very heart of sound trading methodology. There are several instances in which you may choose to ignore convergent signals, especially when you are considering trades against the trend. One of my pet peeves in trading is trading against the trend. And thee-mini contracts, you will often find potential trades that look inviting, but when the signals occur against a strong trend they may well be potential traps for the trader to fall into. I want to point out that some traders relished these risky trades, and trade them quite successfully. In my opinion, trading even convergent indicators against the trend, especially in e-mini contracts is a dangerous practice that can be met with catastrophic results. Yet it is a problem that I see repeated over and over ad nauseam. Again the problem is a simple one, while convergence and convergence in trading e-mini contracts is a useful tool, it is still important to realize exactly where you are at on a trading chart and exercise due caution when deciding whether or not the trade is viable. Convergence and divergence in selecting a potential trade are of utmost importance and divergence signals is a great reason to step away from a potential trade as being ambiguous and with potential for being an unprofitable trade. In my trading, I am looking for convergent signals within the broader scheme of which way the market is moving. When trading e-mini futures contracts it is a great idea to make sure the indicators you utilize in making a buying decision are relating the same information as to the potential viability in the underlying equity. Just because you spot what appears to be a sound set up, you must make a casual observation as to what direction the market is headed or has been moving. And despite potential convergent signals, which offer strong potential to the trader, the overall context of the market is of primal importance. In short, blind adherence to any single indicator can cause serious and detrimental consequences on the balance of your futures trading account. By the same token, coming across a good buy signal that is accompanied by a like my signal in your filtering oscillator can be a potentially profitable trade. The secret here is to understand the context in which you are trading and recognize convergent indicators versus non-convergent indicators. If you have read any of my past articles, you will undoubtedly remember my aversion to trading against the trend. The trend is your friend and it is important to keep that idea strongly ensconced in your thought process. In short, convergent and divergent indicators are among the most important aspects in determining profitable trades. But these convergent and divergent indicators must further be taken into consideration against the market as a whole. Emini Futures Trading Signals
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