A Very Precious Metal

No one can doubt that the American economy is down in the dumps lately. Though nations the world over are experiencing rapid economic declines, the U.S. has been hit much harder than most of our European cousins. For proof of this one need look no further than the typical defining factors of a recession. The job market has dried up, with many facing layoffs and yet others simply unable to find work as openings in all but the most thriving towns quickly dry up. On the world stage the dollar is seeing historically low values, outpaced almost two to one by the Euro at many points and nearing the value of the traditionally weaker Canadian dollar to the point of one to one exchange. What, then, is there to be done in this time of crisis? Investments in Wall Street are often doomed for all but the largest and most successful corporations, as companies are forced to take losses in many areas of their business due to the slump, losing both profits and the investments of shareholders. Preserving cash through mattress stuffing does no good if the value of the money continues on a decline. The solution, many are finding, lies in gold investments. While the value of the dollar is inherently tied to the gold market prices, this exchange does not run both ways; regardless of the value of the dollar on the world stage, gold will retain its value everywhere and independent of the American dollar. If proper investments are made in certified gold one can also avoid many of the historical pitfalls of gold collection, including charges of hoarding or, in far rarer and more dire cases, universal government confiscation. As confiscation applies only to bullion coins valued largely for their gold content, any certified gold coins are exempt from the recall and can continue to serve as a personal investment for the savvy buyer. Like all investments, however, research is necessary before jumping into the fray and few guides are reliable or kept up to date for the current market. Of the few sites left, Certified Gold Exchange provides the most up to date, with a blog updated frequently with new developments and the state of the market, a definite must-visit for anyone looking to make, or save, their fortune in gold. Certified Gold Exchange, Inc. was founded almost twenty years ago to provide a marketplace and trading service for all forms of certified gold coins, bullion transactions and transfers as well as offering consultations on investing in the gold trade. You can find them at Certifiedgoldexchange.com
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